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Rent out

Real estate agency ‘MIJN HUIS EN IK’ has a great deal of knowledge and experience of the rental market in Central and South Limburg. We guide and unburden our customers throughout the entire rental process. Whether it concerns measuring the house, determining the correct rental price, an extensive screening of the potential tenant, we take care of it!
Together we determine the target group for the property in advance and we also explain the possibilities of the various rental contracts with the advantages and disadvantages for both the landlord and the tenant.

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Below we provide more information about the essential steps we have to go through when want to rent out your house. In addition to these steps, we will always point out what has to be done before we get started. For example: upholster or not, put in furnish or not.

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Recording of the house

We visit well prepared and without obligation. We check in advance, among other things, the year of construction, the year of construction, the WOZ value, the latest transactions, who is the legal owner, etc.
Then we do an on-site recording and measure in accordance with the latest guidelines.


Determine rental value

We give all customers extensive advice about the basic rent, the service costs to be charged to a tenant and, if applicable, we determine the advances for energy costs. This depends on the liberalization limit, the number of m2, the finishing level and, of course, the Energy Label is becoming increasingly important; for the time being this should be at least label D in 2030.



We provide a professional presentation with photos and, if possible, video and maps. Each home is unique and deserves the right attention. We therefore have the option of creating our own website of the property with a url of the address of the accommodation. Together with HomeShow, we were the first to introduce this in the Netherlands.


Rent out

In addition to viewings and meeting potential tenants, we also provide an extensive screening of interested candidates, so that we are convinced that the rental period will run as smoothly as possible for everyone. We also ensure a legally correct rental agreement and an extensive inspection of the house before the key exchange.


Optional management

If you want to be unburdened and have no fuss, management will be a good option. We arrange everything for a small, fixed amount per month. We are the point of contact and contact person for all questions, technical malfunctions and requests for repairs. We also coordinate maintenance work or claims settlement. We make the administrative settlements of the service costs, collect the rent and take care of the annual rent increase.

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A strict selection at the front door prevents a lot of problems. We are selective, but will never discriminate and are clear when a tenant is not suitable for one of our clients: the owners of the rental properties. Our target groups are expats, tenants who are not yet willing or able to buy and international students. We are happy to tell you more.

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Wij zijn zeer goed bijgestaan door Mijn huis en Ik. Daar valt helemaal niks op aan te merken. We zijn zeer tevreden en bevelen deze makelaar aan.

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